Environmental, Social & Governance

Our Responsibility

“ESG is our responsibility to our community, environment, and team.”

At Envolve, we firstly look at ourselves. We think of our purpose, our ‘why?’. We are turning ESG theory into action through meaningful and measurable value.

ESG is more than ticking boxes. It’s about making a difference. Driving value and fuelling sustainable growth whilst protecting and enhancing our communities and environment.

Embedding ESG into the structure of our business is both an important and exciting opportunity for us. It is at the core of Envolve, ensuring our operations leave a lasting positive legacy for all our stakeholders.

As we explore the opportunities to engage with our people, support our communities and enhance the environment around us, we can see past the traditional approach to our industry and truly value the good that we can do together.

We will act now with a purpose led approach to ESG, our five key areas will set out our key objectives and our strategy will demonstrate how we will do this with specific, measurable targeted goals.

Customer value, support our local communities, climate action, engage with our people & operate responsibly.

Working together for a better future.

Diversity & Inclusion

At envolve we embrace our differences, it is our diverse range of people who enable us to innovate and break boundaries.

We are one, we go through hardships together and we celebrate success together, for this we are stronger together. Our family values are at the heart of who we are, we embrace the diversity of our family.

Our diversity and inclusion board has grown from strength to strength since its inception in early 2022. Initially a small group, the board now sits with over a dozen members from all areas of our business, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing a fair, equal and diverse place to work.

Volunteering & Community Support

People, whether our own, or within the communities in which we work are the foundation of our values.

Our people make up the communities in which we all live, these people are our strength.

Through our volunteering programme or our community outreach projects, we strive to support and improve all the communities that we touch. Leaving a long-term positive legacy in all of the communities in which we work.

We encourage our people to participate in community projects which are close to their hearts, to help make this happen we have a dedicated support team and paid leave on offer for our people.

Testimonials from our projects.

“St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council would like to convey their sincere gratitude to Lewis Civil Engineering for their support in installing a stream crossing at Coxley Recreation Ground, Mill Lane, Somerset. The Parish Council would like to thank you, Steven and all of the team involved for giving their time and resources free of charge to build a community bridge and we wanted to communicate our gratitude as quickly as possible.”

– Jubilee Bridge Project

“Thank you all so much for your work on Wednesday at Holly Hedge; the place is beginning to look a lot more tidy and the cats were climbing all over the new structure as soon as it was up.
Apart from the hard work your team were a joy to have on site because you lifted the vibe of the place and managed not to smuggle any kittens out with you.”

– Holly Hedge Project

“Thank you so much to the team for all the great work.
It has been such a transformation to the school, as a governor at school I would like to pass on my thanks from all the staff at school. The children are going to love using it!
The team worked hard, were professional and dealt with the extreme heat really well!
Thanks once again, really do appreciate it.”

– Horfield Primary School Project

During the year, we have supported the following projects:

Biodiversity learning area & nature walk at Horfield Primary School
Volunteering at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
Engineering Play Day at The Winding House
Donation and support of Help Bristol’s Homeless Charity
Support of the Upper Rhymney Valley’s Mens Health Club
Jubilee Bridge for St Cuthberts Parish Council

Roadway to net zero

Being a responsible and trustworthy organisation is core to our reputation. We strive not to be seen as the best, but to be the best.

The UK Government’s strategy to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050 requires action by us all. We understand the role we must play in addressing the emissions we produce and, as such, we are committed to achieving net zero ahead of the Government’s target date and in any case no later than 2040.

Monitoring and reporting on our emissions enables us to measure the progress we are making in reducing our environmental impact.

Our 2019/20 data highlighted that commercial vehicles and our use of gas oil were responsible for the majority of the emissions we produced. As a result of this, during the year we focused on reducing our emissions in these areas.

We introduced initiatives to trial the use of alternative, cleaner energy sources to power our sites and the procurement of electrical & hybrid vehicles across our business. We also introduced a number of climate targets, focusing our climate targets to where we can make the biggest impact.

Customer Value

When you work with us, you become part of our team.

We work side-by-side with our core clients, and we’re involved and interested in their work. We don’t measure success in numbers alone, we measure it in the relationships we’ve built. Our heritage is based on long-term partnerships and genuine collaboration.

This is why 85% of our business comes from our existing clients.


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